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VMI 1.07: The Girl Next Door


  • Logan and Weevil are stuck in detention together - and honestly, that’s all we need for this episode.

  • But there is more - Veronica’s (beautiful) pregnant neighbour Jessica Chastain disappears…

  • …And her (scraggly) boyfriend doesn’t seem upset about it.

  • Veronica discovers some shocking information about her mom!

  • And the school flagpole is back causing trouble.

Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman to investigate Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 7: The Girl Next Door, and probe such mysteries as whether to book ourselves in for a stay at the motel that plays the Mars apartment, how many crimes it is to impale a teacher’s car on a flagpole, and why hot teens might be compelled to wear garments in a shade we can only describe as ‘light liver’.

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VMI 1.03: Meet John Smith

A Long Time Ago on Veronica Mars:

  • A squeaky little freshman hired Veronica to help find his missing father;

  • Duncan threw his medication down the drain, with hallucinatory results;

  • Keith developed a crush on Veronica’s guidance counsellor; 

  • and things heated up between Veronica and the supposedly sexy and charming Troy, but still aren’t as hot as her hot’n’heavy Duncan flashbacks.

Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman to investigate Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 3: Meet John Smith, and ponder such mysteries as whether or not it’s creepy that Keith used his PI Powers to track down his crush to her regular coffee shop; how Veronica can even pretend to enjoy Troy’s prank tales; and whether the writers knew what they were doing with Duncan, or just threw dice at the beginning of each of his scenes to decide whether to go with ⚁ silent but helpful Duncan, ⚂ milky Duncan, ⚄ sardonically-toasting-the-former-family-dog Duncan, or ⚅ one-man production of Grease Duncan.

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