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VMI 1.02: Credit Where Credit's Due

A Long Time Ago on Veronica Mars:

  • Weevil & his grandma were both framed for credit card fraud;

  • Logan was cheated on by Paris Hilton, but we are glad because he said some heinously classist & racist stuff in this episode; 

  • Some guy named Troy shows up and appears to be nice but says some rather douchey things;

  • Keith singlehandedly caught an escaped felon;

  • And Wallace just really wants to go to a party. Please let him go to a party, Veronica - any party!

Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman to investigate Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 2: Credit Where Credit's Due, and ponder such mysteries as whether Paris Hilton has ever ridden a scooter before, why Sheriff Lamb’s zingers are SO bad, and where do the other students relieve themselves when Veronica is using the school bathroom as her office.

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