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VMI 1.04: The Wrath of Con - transcript

JOY: Well, this episode begins in the way that I've always hoped and dreamed, with Veronica and Troy making out.
HZ: Outside the Mars front door, which I would have thought would be tricked out with bear traps and things that could detect Veronica kissing boys. 
JOY: Yeah, yeah, like heat sensors. Maybe Keith on the other side of the door with like a stethoscope. 
HZ: The heat sensor is showing exactly how much erection the boy has got. 
JOY: Oh my god!
HZ: Keith goes there! He's a details guy. 
JOY: That's true. 

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VMI 1.02: Credit Where Credit's Due - transcript

JOY: Here comes Sheriff Lamb. 
HZ: Wuh whoa. There's a newspaper story about a killer escape from the sheriff's cruiser. Whoops. What a blunder!
JOY: Oopsy Daisy! Old butter fingers.
HZ: There'll be another one along in a while. And so Keith is on form this morning because he's been warming up by razzing Veronica about her cap, so then he can give Lamb a good razzing and then Lamb absolutely biffs that volley of the razzing by being like:

SHERIFF LAMB: “You know what’s coming up? October 3rd. Are you doing anything special to mark the one year anniversary of Lilly Kane’s murder? Got it! Dress like a sheriff and crucify some poor, grieving father, just for old time’s sake, you know?”

HZ: Good one, dickhead.
JOY: Like, Lamb, God! If you just try!
HZ: Yeah, he's not got good chat.
JOY: No, no.
HZ: Imagine Lamb in a rap battle!
JOY: I refuse. 

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